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about me

born to teach

Since I was a child, I used to explain mathematics, physics and chemistry to my classmates at school. During my college years, I was always an internships teacher of math, helping new students to understand this subjects more easily. Later, when I graduated, I worked as a Calculus and Power Electronics teacher. The students loved watching classes with me, because I have always had the gift of knowing how to make the complex simple and to facilitate the understanding of things that others do not know how to explain.

“Thanks to Professor Chang I have had the opportunity to advance in the Chinese language, based on what is necessary on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, with him, I was able to learn about the language in a real and efficient way.”

Paulina Polo (Bogotá, Colombia)

hi, i’m javier chang.

Learn with my Online Course and stop being frustrated studying and studying without seeing results. My course includes all the resources you need to make real progress, hassle-free:

  • You will speak Chinese in all classes.
  • You will truly master the pronunciation of the language.
  • You will learn in a pleasant way, interacting and having fun.

chinese at translator level

Although I have Chinese ancestry on my grandfather’s side, I am actually a native Spanish speaker just like you. Even so, due to my advanced command of the Chinese language, I have been able to perform translation services at international fairs, facilitating communication between Chinese and Latin American businessmen. Also, I often chat fluently with my Chinese friends.

three other things that define me:

servant of god

It was a blessing to know the Creator and Almighty as a child, I always continue learning from his Word, the Bible, and always striving to put it into practice.

eng. electrician

Graduated with Cum Laude distinction from the Technological University of the Center (UNITEC), one of the best universities in Valencia (Venezuela), where I was born and raised.

piano enthusiast

I had the privilege of studying for four years under the guidance of the great pianist Héctor Villasana Donaire. To this day, I enjoy playing my favorite pieces on my Korg piano.

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