Accelerated learning of Mandarin Chinese, for companies and professionals.

Accelerated learning of Mandarin Chinese, for companies and professionals.

I help you and your employers to build rapport with your chinese partners, and do better business with them.

expert trainer

Expert in the training of new speakers, 15 years teaching the language to people of all ages.

the best techniques

Super effective, they allow students to assimilate the language naturally.

enjoyable learning

Pleasant sessions, students fall in love with the language and stay motivated in their study.

multimedia tools

Explanations are included in videos, images, audios, to review over and over again.

often practice

Without tedious theoretical lessons, will learn speaking the language in all classes.

safely progress

Following an optimal order, all students will be able to reach their goal with the language.

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What my students say…

Pía Cerdeiras


I started in a language academy, but I really found it not only very difficult to follow, but also very boring. When we started classes with Professor Javier, the difference both in the level of what we were learning and in the enjoyment that we managed to have in his classes was abysmal. Learning with him was absolutely enjoyable. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in mastering the Mandarin Chinese language. Javier is an excellent teacher, he makes it possible for anyone to learn Chinese without feeling overwhelmed and enjoying the journey.

Matías Peralta

Hospitality Manager

I highly recommend Mandarin Chinese classes with Javier. In a short time I have made a lot of progress with the language. His classes are very dynamic and fun. It adapts to all types of students and their needs. He is very flexible as a teacher and that is important to face such a difficult language. Always looking forward to the next class!

Guillermo Hay

Electronic Technician

Before starting classes with Javier Chang I felt very insecure. Now I have improved my comprehension and fluency when speaking, I feel more confident because I am able to understand what they say to me. What I like the most about the classes with Javier is the way he teaches, the teaching methods, they are excellent, you don’t even feel like you are in a class, and you enjoy learning the Chinese language. Javier Chang is an excellent teacher who loves to teach and gives confidence to his students.

Lucía Santamaría

Systems Engineer

Having met Javier and having the joy of taking classes with him, I can tell you that in a short time I was able to progress in the difficulties I had, everything was much clearer and more fun. I have managed to lose my fear of this great language such as Mandarin Chinese, I have managed to express more ideas, interact with native people, which motivates me to continue studying.

Leonardo Rocha

Social Researcher

Javier makes the learning process as natural as you learn your native language. Progress is evident first in listening and word harmony to build understandable and coherent sentences. With Javier you are always practicing and you understand that Chinese is not just about speaking it, it is about expressing it to reinforce what you are trying to say. I recommend Javier for his gift of person and professionalism, he is a teacher who combines tools from cartoons to singing and music so that learning is as it should be… very very funny.

Valeria Lucero

HR Engineer

What I like the most about the classes with Javier is that they don’t follow the traditional, he knows many ways to make learning dynamic and intriguing so he always finished the class looking forward to the next class.

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